What is G Method?

Jerry G Technique, the hair cleaning process to move a hair drug test, is known as after its founder “Jerry G”. He was previously an energetic contributor towards the Cannabis.com website along with a story among marijuana users.

The principal behind Jerry G Technique relies upon a clinical primary, which we suppose he created while discovering the hair dyeing process.

The hair length is made up of three levels: cuticle, cortex, and medulla. The cuticle is just a hard shingle-like level of overlapping cells, from five to twelve levels deep. THC metabolites are located within the cortex, that will be consequently secured from the cuticle.

To ensure that a cleansing to achieve entry to the cortex, the cuticle must first be exposed allow transmission.

The G method also explains Alkaline materials having a PH degree of greater than 7, for example baking soda, bleach and ammonia can easily start the cuticle. Neutral PH level is 7.

Jerry G Technique includes two stages: a preliminary transmission with bleach, hair color and Killer Rid Shampoo an additional with baking soda, Ultra Clean Shampoo and Killer Rid Shampoo.

Throughout the initial stage, bleach along with a hair dye containing ammonia support start the cuticle and Killer Rid releases and eliminates the THC metabolites.

Throughout the next stage, baking soda helps start the cuticle and two shampoos, ultra-clean and Killer Rid, complete the deep cleaning having a purifying treatment and conditioner.

Ultra-Clean and Killer Study discharge, reduce, and removes in the inner hair all numerous gathered substances, medicines and contaminants – including THC.

Ultra Clean Shampoo and Killer Rid Shampoos were created for customers with all kinds of hair.