Stomach specialist

Stomach specialist is also known as Gastroenterologist. Major hospitals now have a dedicated department for the patients of stomach diseases. These patients have different types of diseases regarding the digestive system.

A Gastroenterologist is a highly qualified physician. He has to go through many different courses and tests to become a Gastroenterologist. A Gastroenterologist would be having qualifications MD, DM(gastro) or MD, DNB(gastro). These qualifications are not an easy to get. They require a lot of hard work.

If we talk about the availability of a Gastroenterologist around the globe, then we will come to know that most of them are settled in the Asia and Africa specifically. The reason behind this settlement is that the quality of food in these two regions is worst. If we talk about America and Australia, then we will come to know that the food quality is quite high and very less amount of artificial food is used in those regions.

According to a research, almost 80 percent of the patients who visit the hospitals frequently are disturbed by their stomach. Further, the disturbance in the stomach is the root cause of other diseases. As it is a very famous saying the “Constipation is the mother of all diseases”. This saying is exactly the true as of today’s scenario. Constipation is one of the diseases which is widely spread in the world and many causalities have been caused due to this disease. So if you are having any issue regarding stomach or digestion do visit a Gastroenterologist urgently.